KRU Wellness

Health by Design,
Well-being Your Way


A groundbreaking approach to Wellness, Kru Precision Wellness is an independent regenerative retreat centre located within The Slate, bringing your personalised journey into innovative healthcare.

Offering a unique range of health care concepts including the KRU diagnosis program which comprises a full check-up and screening session, and vitamin services such as the KRU Signature VitaDrip, weight loss program, liver detox cleansing and more.


Modern living takes its toll on all of us. REVERSE the stress of the everyday and boost your immune system with KRU's range of Signature VitaDrips, and intravenous nutrient programs administered in a serene setting for maximum benefit. From fatigue fighters to skin savers and amazing antioxidants to fat fighters, or pamper yourself with a custom VitaDrip, made for your unique needs.

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