Make your own culinary MAGIC

Learn ancient recipes and craft TANTALISING Thai dishes at Moo’s Kitchen. Asian influence expands with Indian and Japanese classes.


Into the IRRESISTIBLE waters

Longing to explore the island’s COLOURFUL coral landscape? You’re in good hands.

Explore SUBLIME Seascapes

The sea calls for you – kitesurf, ride and EMBRACE the island’s crashing waves.

Outdoor Endeavours

Take an exhilarating biking trip and VENTURE out to scenic routes, or try your hand at a game of tennis.

The ART of Fighting

Muay Thai ready? Learn SHARP punches and hand-to-hand combat in the 'Art of Eight Limbs'.

A playland of IMAGINATION

Little miners can tinker to their hearts’ CONTENT at The Tin Box, The Slate’s kids’ club.



A Colourful Locale

Other than shimmering, SPARKLING seascapes, our island has a FANTASTICAL array of cultural attractions.

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