Fanciful food, dreamlike dining

A selection of sublime dining experiences

The slate specialises in crafting authentic dishes with deliciously nutritious ingredients that draw on the earth's organic goodness. Enjoy gourmet dining in spectacular settings and culinary masterpieces that nourish and inspire.


Journey to the heart of Phuket's culinary culture. Discover the island’s true flavours and ancient recipes. Immerse your palate is deeply flavourful creations catered to GOURMET, avant-garde tastes.

Tin mine

An extensive breakfast buffet, inclusive of delectable Thai local snacks, freshly baked breads & pastries, a wonderful assortment of deli meats and cheeses.


Rivet offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a sophisticated, INTRIGUING setting. Using the finest ingredients, each dish at Rivet marries traditional techniques with modern twists for the ultimate culinary journey.


Hop over to Rebar, the perfect place to lounge and lose yourself to the tropical sunset sky while sipping DELECTABLE signature and classic cocktails.

Tongkah Tin Syndicate

Sip in style at our lively, open-air snooker hall, with EXOTIC and unexpected tipples. Soothe your soul with rare whiskies and perfectly crafted cocktails.

Underground café

Quench hunger and thirst at this open-air venue by the edge of our expansive FREEFORM pool. Healthy salads, cold-pressed juices, and fresh fruits are served beside sparkling blue waters.

In-room dining

Embark on a GASTRONOMIC adventure by your private pool or in the comfort of your own sala. The ultimate indulgence – a private feast prepared only for you.

Sunday brunch

A proud tradition of what is often considered Phuket’s most renowned Sunday Brunch, we continue to hold strong with an exceptional landscape of gastronomy presented outdoors at the dreamscape ‘Rivet’ restaurant.


Located near the lobby opposite The Stockroom, a high table awaits, beckoning with six stools for your inner circle. The perfect venue for private dining or small meetings. Step inside for private and PROGRESSIVE dining experiences or to end an evening with intimate after-dinner drinks.


Enjoy a truly DECADENT experience at our chef's table. From the unforgettable amuse-bouche through to the final sweet Thai wine before we say goodnight, indulge in an evening you'll never forget.  

Pulley bar

Enjoy an afternoon's respite at our DARING swim-up cocktail bar. Splash thirsts goodbye while enjoying angular and industrial design. Get a taste for a selection of our most beloved signature tipples.


Watch the sun dip below the horizon. Feel the breeze on your skin. Dig your feet in the sand. 


A mysterious spot nestled deep within The Slate – Dirty Monstera offers a delectable spread of luscious lunch bites. Treat yourself to freshly made sandwiches, a wide assortment of bread, freshly ground coffee, and sweet tempting treats. Or better yet, enjoy generous forkfuls of a DECADENT dessert while you take in a classic film.


Relishing the clear coastal skies and soft sands of Nai Yang Beach, Shore Thing is a little patch of PERFECTION. Catch the sun's fleeting rays as it slips below the horizon while the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin.

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