Tropical weddings are a brilliant choice for every season because you can have your special moment and relax in the beautiful place after the wedding or even before. A dazzling wedding at The Slate starts with beautiful wedding decoration. And here’s our Top 10 Decoration Ideas for your spectacular tropical wedding.

Invitation Card - Our ideal green monstera leaf design will excite your guests and inspire an island getaway.

Flower Bouquet  - White bridal dresses contrasting with a purple orchid bouquet?  The Slate’s in-house celebrity florist can design flowers in all shapes, sizes and colours, there is no limit to what can be done with your wedding floral creations by Heliconia, our in-house creative team

Wedding Arch - That final moment capturing the sealing of your vows and that special kiss, can be framed in the picturesque arch of elaborate floral arbours to simple fabric backdrops and green leaves.

Aisle stand - Putting two stunning flower arrangements only at the entrance with a flower petal carpet along the bridal walkway is a simple but picturesque solution.

Chiavari chair - Chiavari chair is an excellent choice for elegant wedding seating,  using unique elements like lotus flower ball or simply tieing green leaves to the chairs, helping to create an iconic look that is difficult to duplicate with just about any other seating option.  Part of the success of the Chiavari chair is due to the narrow footprint, which makes it perfect for beach or garden wedding set ups.

Centrepiece - Create your WOW factor with gradients from white lotus flower to green Xanadu or metallic gold spray lotus flowers standing out amongst white orchids or pink lotus flower matching with metallic gold monstera leaves.

Table Setup - One other way to make your wedding memorable is to add more tropical related elements to your dinner table such as napkin & napkin ring, showplate with detailed menus.