Shrimps 50g

Squid 50g

Red Snapper 50g

Coconut Milk 100ml

Red Curry Paste 40g

Lime or Basil Leaves 5g

Fish Sauce 20g

Sugar 20g

4 Cha-Plu Leaves or lettuce


Asian Bok Choy 50g

Fresh Shallots 10g

Spring Onions 5g

Lime or Basil Leaves 5g

Coriander 5g

Red Chilies 5g

Sugar 20g

Fish Sauce 20ml

Lemon juice 10ml


1. Mince shrimps, fish & squid in a blender, add red curry paste, lime leaves, fish sauce & sugar, mix well.

2. Place Cha-Plu (Lettuce) leaves at the bottom of 5-6 small bowls then pour the mixture on top.

3. Put the bowls in the steamer for 15 minutes.



1. Cut Asian Bok Choy and place it in a bowl of iced water. 

2. Roughly chop the rest of the herbs and chilies.

3. Mix sugar, fish sauce, lemon juice. Just before serving, toss the ingredients together.

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